Motivational Talks

Simeon Hart is a Deaf educator, businessman, politician and sportsman. He was brought up by Deaf partents using British Sign Language, the family's first language. He has two sons who are hearing, both of whom are bilingual, using both English and Sign Language in the home.


Simeon complted a masters degree in Social Enterprise and has a passion for the third sector due to its focus on the care and benefit of people instead of a focus on the generation of profit.


Simeon has encountered many barriers throughout his life. In overcoming the various obstacles faced, he has been able to progress in his life seeing several achievements, which included accommplishments educationally and within employment.


Simeon has a breadth of experience through his work in the developing world, which was gained over a period of 3 years working as a Voluntary Services Oveseas volunteer in the Philippines, which focussed on developments of Deaf community and its sport development. He has presented papers at congresses and conferences in several countries, which include: the UK, United States of Amercia, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. Currently, he is the president of World Deaf Golf Federation.


In providing motivational talks, Simeon has inspired many, providing insights into how one can develop a positive attitude in life, despite its challenges, in finding what is needed to become a person who can grow in positivity and confidence.


In these talks, Simeon tells his incredible story and shows that it's never too late to see change in your life in order for you to achieve your goals. These talks motivate and provide inspiration and equip you with the tools and steps that can be utilised in your private or professional life.